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Teen Wolf AU  - Sterek AU (NSFW)

After Stiles saw the photos of the Model Derek H. on his dash he is trying to find more and so it comes that he stumbles upon the instagram account that was recently updated.

The first photo had been sent by one of his World of Warcraft buddies. They’d been in the middle of an Orc raid when the message came through, excited gibberish and then a link, followed by the demand that he ‘HAS TO SEE THIS!!!!!!!!!’ Stiles had been curious so he had clicked it up and god, it had definitely been worth it. Totally worth it.

The guy was sex. Like pure sex. Like if someone asked him to describe sex, he would just forward that image to them and it doesn’t need to be explained. He was muscled, with tanned skin stretched deliciously across the kind of abs that Stiles had only dreamed of having. And he was hairy. Stiles had always kind of liked that in a guy. Someone who looked like they could lift him up and press him against a wall, or bounce him on their cock. Or they could bounce on his cock.

And this guy. This guy was definitely that.

Stiles didn’t even care that he was too busy jerking off to complete the raid.

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For Amanda, as a belated birthday present. 

(this was supposed to be crack but then turned into 3k words of feels and fluff. i hope you like it anyway)

“So, I’m a fox now,” Stiles says blandly and blinks at his friends, unimpressed. “Not even a demon fox this time; you’re telling me that I am literally now a fox. Fur coat, tail and all.”

No one looks all that worried about it, though. Isaac’s doing a really poor job of concealing outright laughter.

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みんなの嫁 by 山羊(めえ on pixiv


みんなの嫁 by 山羊(めえ on pixiv

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So if there’s Star Trek AU’s where Kirk is Elle, can we have Legally Blonde AU’s where Elle Woods runs the Enterprise? Because that’s the one I goddamn want to see.

 ”You beat the Kobayashi Maru test?”

"What, like it’s hard?”

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Happy April Fool’s Day !


Happy April Fool’s Day !

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Teen Wolf: The DC Villains AU
Stiles Stilinski as The Riddler
Riddler Cane Art

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